Vikki’s Words: Doing whats best for your body!

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Sometimes Vikki's (Core)ner is going to be about giving you some insights into exercises, articles that are interesting and pretty much anything Pilates and wellness related.  But today it is more personal.... for the first time since my car accident I was able to go to the gym yesterday and do a workout. The feeling of euphoria I had from literally a 30 minute workout was enough to make me feel like I was floating on air.  It reminded me of just why I am in this industry.  It wasn't like I did much- 5 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill and then some Pilates ab exercises on the mat with some leg exercises on a box.  I think I stretched for a third of the "workout!"  Pretty lame compared to what I used to do 7 months ago but I was thrilled!  It was a small workout but a giant milestone in my recovery.

That feeling I had yesterday is what I want all my clients to experience on a daily basis in the studio.  It doesn't matter the intensity of the workout, or the weight you pulled or the amount of reps you did.... it matters you did it!  You did your best of that day.  Because next time you come your best might be even better.  Maybe it won't because maybe your arthritis is acting up, or your kids had you up all night or it was a really crappy work day- whatever the reason our best isn't always the same each day.  My best yesterday was a far cry from my best I've ever had but boy do I LOVE TO EXERCISE!!!  -V

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