Ashley’s ELDOA Journey

ELDOA (french acronym) =LOADS ( longitudinal osteo-articulation decoaptation stretching)
Designed by Guy VOYER in the 1970s.
When I first told Vikki I was going to get certified in ELDOA she of course was curious- Why Eldoa?
I participated in a class when I was suffering from a shoulder injury thinking it was a gentle class.   During the class I couldn't believe how hard and awkward the whole thing was.   Afterwards I felt taller, and could see more vividly.  I was really tired as well, but most importantly my shoulder pain was gone!
When learning more about the fascial stretching/ spinal depressing practice I thought it was the missing link to what I've been teaching. I knew that I had so many clients that would benefit and enjoy this practice.  Since we started the ELDOA classes in the studio it amazes me the different reactions clients have felt after class.  Some have left feeling energized, some more lengthened, one client took a nap in their car right after class!
So what is ELDOA?- ELDOA is a method to hydrate the fascia around the spine, creating a taller spine. Think of it as if you have sponges between each vertebra. Over time the sponges get compressed and dehydrated. ELDOA can help hydrate and lengthen the spine for a healthier you! The photo above for example is a pose held to decompress T6 from T7, hydrating the vertebral sack. It will also take pressure off the T6 nerve root which is linked to any belly discomfort (nervous stomach, heartburn, indigestion, etc...).
It is definitely a beautiful compliment to our Pilates classes but also something that a client could do without being a part of our Pilates program.  We keep the classes small which allows me to correct my client's techniques and postures which is extremely important.
I love being able to combine all these practices to help my clients to achieve their rehabilitative, strength and wellness goals.
Ashley McIntosh