Pilates Classes

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All our Pilates classes at A Lyrical Body are with certified STOTT PILATES TM instructors.  With the nature of Pilates you will find that you always work at improving your core strength but our strength training classes will provide you with increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone whereas our cardio classes will work on improving your cardio vascular capabilities and endurance.  Our ELDOA  and Myofascial Release classes will help you to improve your flexibility.

And for those of you who want to work out in the comfort of your own home we have been running our amazing online program since March 2020.  Our online group classes or semi and private sessions are run via Zoom and unlike many facilities we do not pre-record classes and we do not take part in the classes.  WE TEACH OUR CLASSES.  Clients can reap the benefits of having instructors cue, correct and modify in real time.

By offering multiple different classes we can help you to find the style of class that will best match your fitness goals and needs as well as your budget and availability.  You will not find a schedule on our website as we book classes based on our clients’ scheduling needs.  It allows us to be flexible with the ever changing availability of our clients.

Get a full description and price list below of all our Pilates classes.


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Private sessions consist of yourself and your instructor. The class is tailored to your individual needs and requirements. You will get to use whichever piece of equipment will work your body best, allowing your instructor to create a tailor made class. Private sessions are perfect for the client with an irregular schedule or needs for rehabilitation. They are also ideal for anyone wishing to excel in a particular sport or activity e.g. golf, figure skating, ice hockey, skiing.


Semi private sessions consist of yourself and another client with your instructor. This other client can be someone you know or someone the studio pairs you with. The class is divided between mat work and reformer work. This allows you time to focus on strengthening your abdominals as well time to lengthen and tone the rest of your body. These classes are ideal for friends, couples or parents and children to spend quality time together while getting a work out. Semi privates are also excellent for clients who prefer exercising in a smaller, more intimate group.

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Mat/Reformer classes consist of up to 6 clients and the instructor. These other clients can be people you know or people the studio matches you with. The class is divided between mat work and reformer work. This allows you time to focus on strengthening your abdominals as well time to lengthen and tone the rest of your body. These classes are great for feeding off others’ energy and getting a great work out! They are however, not advised if you have special requirements such as rehabilitative needs.


Barre Pilates combines the strength, grace, agility and flexibility of Ballet exercises performed at the Barre with core strengthening and the amazing principles of a Pilates workout.  Set to music, this all over body workout will help to improve your posture while using Pilates light equipment to challenge your body and improve your coordination.  The Barre classes consist of only 4 clients and the instructor.  These other clients can be people you know or people the studio matches you with. Our Barre classes will give you a great work out but with such a small class also allow for lots of individual attention and personal cuing and correcting.  No Pilates or dance experience necessary.  Let us bring out your inner ballerina!

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Mat and light equipment classes consist of up to 7 clients with your instructor. Different light equipment is used on a rotational basis. Week to week the repertoire changes between using stability balls, foam rollers, fitness circles, flex bands and toning balls. This allows you to focus on strengthening the core while adding variety to your workout. Using different pieces of light equipment challenges balance, strength and lengthens and tones the muscles with the emphasis on abdominal strength.

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Jumpboard classes are 30 minutes long and should be considered a high powered cardio workout. By using Jumpboards with our Reformers, you will get a fast and intense cardio workout that will help to burn calories and increase cardio vascular capabilities.  These classes can also be used to enhance your sport specific training for athletes who need to improve bursts of speed; elevation in jumps and more powerful movements,

The Jumpboard classes are an intense workout but suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  With only 6 clients to a class our instructors are able to tailor the classes to client's individual needs and restrictions. These classes are perfect for clients not getting cardio exercise in their weekly routine or would like to add variety to their weekly workout.


INTRO PRIVATES:      4 sessions = $55/session*

16 sessions = $59/session*    12 sessions = $62/session*
8 sessions = $64/session*      4 sessions = $68/session*
1 session = $72/session*


INTRO SEMIS:     4 sessions = $35/session*

16 sessions = $39/session*     12 sessions = $41/session*
8 sessions = $43/session*       4 sessions = $45/session*
1 session = $47/session*


INTRO MAT/REFORMER AND BARRE GROUP:     8 sessions = $25/session*

16 sessions = $29/session*     12 sessions = $31/session*
8 sessions = $33/session*       1 session= $35/session*


INTRO MAT CLASSES:    8 sessions = $20/session*

16 sessions = $24/session*     12 sessions = $26/session*
8 sessions = $28/session*       1 session = $30/session*


30 MINUTE CARDIO:                        8 sessions = $16/session*

ONLINE PRIVATE SESSION:              1 session = $62/session*

ONLINE SEMI PRIVATE SESSION:    1 session = $36/session/person*

ONLINE GROUP CLASSES:               1 session = $16/session*