Our Instructors

Vikki Belchers-Volk is a certified STOTT PILATES™ instructor, Level 1 and 2 Eldoa instructor, trained in Myofascial Stretching and owner of the studio. After competing in figure skating for many years Vikki turned to instructing Pilates. Having used Pilates as a complement to her training she knew she completely believed in the benefits of Joseph Pilates’ exercises.

At STOTT PILATES™ , Vikki received certification on all pieces of equipment, including at the Advanced level. She also completed a course in Anatomy and the Injuries and Special Populations certification. Her training included many hours of in class training as well as completing a mandatory apprenticeship program. Since becoming certified over 17 years ago, Vikki has committed to staying current with her training, completing continuing education credits in many courses including prenatal, back care and athletic conditioning courses. As an instructor she also calls on many years of dance and strength training to enhance her skills when working with athletes and dancers. She has taught a variety of clients from young athletes to car accident victims, to the aging population.  As a mother herself, Vikki brings this additional knowledge to her prenatal and post natal classes.

Vikki also manages the studio and day to day operations, ensuring we hire only the best of instructors who are compassionate, inspired and who have a genuine love for what they do.

Vikki brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and genuine care for the well being of her clients to all the classes she teaches. She has been recognized in the community for her fitness training expertise, including being the #1 fitness instructor in Burlington last year. This experience and care ensures that whether you work with her as an instructor or as owner of the business you will feel confident in her hands.


Ashley Frejlich, BA, MSc is a certified ELDOA practitioner and qualified Yoga instructor.  And if that's not enough, Ashley can also teach Pilates!  She brings a wealth of education and years of athletic experience to her role at A Lyrical Body.  As a former competitive figure skater and cheerleader, Ashley sustained several injuries, which led her to study the body and the mechanisms of injuries and healing.  In understanding the body, Ashley's unique approach incorporates her past training experiences.  She has continued to evolve her practice and uses current techniques and methods to better help clients with their injuries, pain and thus increases mobility.

Ashley's specialties include a therapeutic style of conscious corrective exercises for self-myofascial release, core training, spinal decompression, and alignment using the ELDOA TM method.

Known for her dynamic approach to teaching. Ashley has a kind heart and a great sense of humor.  She is personally committed to making a difference in the lives of her clients by offering them empowering tools to optimize their vitality, resilience and overall well being.  Ashley is passionate, caring and constantly expanding her teaching to give her clients the best experience.

Ashley is the inspiration behind our Mobility and Recovery Program and helped to found the program.


Katie Napier began exploring the world of Pilates when she started living on campus completing her undergraduate degree.  She noticed a number of interesting classes on the campus gym schedule, and being the active person she was, tried as many of the classes as possible.  She fell in love with the Pilates classes and the benefits it offered for her posture and core strengthening, especially as she was feeling the stagnant effects of sitting in long lectures in uncomfortable chairs most of the day!  It also peaked her interest because it taught her to become more aware of her body, its needs and how to keep it safe during activity.

Katie completed her education in anatomy and ergonomics and went on to become a Registered Occupational Therapist in the return-to-work field.  But she never stopped doing Pilates as her career began.  After settling into her field of work, Katie went on to complete her training in the Stott program to become a Pilates instructor.

As an instructor, Katie enjoys teaching her clients to enjoy the physical benefits of Pilates but also to love the mental workout you get from it as well.  She encourages her clients to be aware of their different muscle groups working, focusing on implementing the basic principles required to keep her clients safe while still giving them a great workout!    Katie’s history as a competitive gymnast at an elite level helps her to work with competitive athletes and young adults and teenagers.  Her Masters degree in Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy is a massive compliment to her teaching, Katie knows how to make her workouts functional for everyday living, educational for her clients to learn more about their bodies and always enjoyable.  And now, as a new Mom, Katie brings another perspective to her teaching.


Elizabeth Ivanic’s brother showed her a few Pilates moves he learned from a GAIAM video over 30 years and Elizabeth found them so difficult she wanted to personally master them. This peaked her interest and she found a connection to the method that resonated well with her.   Elizabeth went to Body Harmonics and certified on all equipment.  She also did additional training in Zenga from Stott Pilates TM, the half arc with Second Wind and has continued to educate herself on a number of small apparatus and sensory equipment. Adding to her already vast education Elizbeth is also 200 hr Hatha certified, completed TRX level 1 and 2, ELDOA level 1 and 2, Thai Yoga Massage and Reflexology.  Elizabeth also took a kids level 1 and 2 with ‘Young Yoga Masters’, and level 1 and 2 from what was formerly ‘Downward Dog studio’ in TO.

Elizabeth’s love of movement and the profound effect it has on an individual’s physical and mental well being was a major reason for her making teaching her choice of career.  As an instructor Elizabeth is always supportive to her clients and guides them through their movement journey by giving them the sense empowerment over their own health and well being. Elizabeth loves witnessing her client’s physical growth and making her clients feel listened to, heard and seen.  She always recognizes their movement accomplishments and works hand in hand to enjoy movement.

With almost 2 decades of experience, Elizabeth has worked with many different clients including athletes, the elderly, children, pre and post natal clients as well as injuries like shoulder limitations, spinal issues, hip, knee, ankle, motor skill limitations and much more. Elizabeth loves working with all different levels of clients as she feels there is not one ‘perfect’ mold. Elizabeth has said she wants her clients to know that she has a genuine interest to work with them, to help them to feel freer in their bodies. She wants the time you share together to bring you relief, happiness, stress relief and/or joy and that hopefully you will take away something positive from each and every session.  Elizabeth is a Mom of 2 and brings a genuine kindness to her teaching.


Isabella Zaniolo wanted a job that helps people. Pilates filled that need. She became passionate about Pilates when her sister, who was qualifying as an instructor, used her as a practice subject.  Issy enjoyed the workout so much she decided to go through the training herself!

Issy feels when you’re teaching Pilates, you’re helping clients to help themselves. She loves to give clients the tools to become more comfortable in everyday life, through confidence in movement and reduction of pain. Pilates can help everyone, no matter their issues, encourages Issy. She considers it has a built-in intensity, so you never plateau, you keep on learning and improving.

Issy has a soothing style to her teaching, giving her clients a session that is both challenging and calming.  She is very adaptable in both her content and level, working with clients at all degrees of difficulty.

As an outdoor person, Isabella enjoys hiking, camping and snowboarding. Getting active and staying that way is important to her, for both herself and her clients. She loves Pilates as a well-balanced exercise, suitable for almost everyone. Anyone who has a class with Issy will agree that she loves to teach and help, no matter the age or fitness level. She believes Pilates is beneficial for general fitness and mobility. However, she also considers it can help with such problems as knee and hip replacements and chronic pain. Isabella wants to help everyone create their best, healthiest life.


Lidia Barbera was a competitive swimmer for 10 years but when she stopped she began exploring different exercises, hoping to find something to replace her love of swimming. Her first Pilates class left her feeling amazing, and she has been hooked ever since!

Lidia feels teaching is such a beautiful experience. Clients learn about Pilates from you and you help them achieve their fitness and mobility goals. Everyone wins in this situation. Lidia constantly learns from her clients. She says no two clients are the same and has quickly learned to adapt her teaching style to suit the needs of her client. Lidia wants clients to leave each class with her feeling confident and stronger.  She has a kind but firm teaching style, listens to her clients needs and goals and directs their classes towards those objectives.

Lidia certified with STOTT Pilates. She is also going into her fourth year of Honors Life Sciences at McMaster. Although she is always busy, Lidia loves teaching as it connects her to so many people, and she appreciates helping them all.  She continues to work with clients at all levels and has helped clients with many ailments including back injuries, shoulder issues, osteopenia and hip injuries.