Our Instructors

Vikki Belchers-Volk is a certified STOTT PILATES™ instructor and owner of the studio. After competing in figure skating for many years Vikki turned to instructing Pilates. Having used Pilates as a complement to her training she knew she completely believed in the benefits of Joseph Pilates’ exercises.

At STOTT PILATES™ , Vikki received certification on all pieces of equipment, including at the Advanced level. She also completed a course in Anatomy and the Injuries and Special Populations certification. Her training included many hours of in class training as well as completing a mandatory apprenticeship program. Since becoming certified over 14 years ago, Vikki has committed to staying current with her training, completing continuing education credits in many courses including prenatal, back care and athletic conditioning courses. As an instructor she also calls on many years of dance and strength training to enhance her skills when working with athletes and dancers. She has taught a variety of clients from young athletes to car accident victims, to the aging population.  As a mother herself, Vikki brings this additional knowledge to her prenatal and post natal classes.

Vikki also manages the studio and day to day operations, ensuring we hire only the best of instructors who are compassionate, inspired and who have a genuine love for what they do.

Vikki brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and genuine care for the well being of her clients to all the classes she teaches. She has been recognized in the community for her fitness training expertise. This experience and care ensures that whether you work with her as an instructor or as owner of the business you will feel confident in her hands.


Dawn Robertson brings an enormous amount of knowledge as well as passion to her classes.  She is a Registered Massage Therapist having attended Kikkawa College, as well as being a certified Athletic Therapist.  After attending Sheridan college to become an Athletic Therapist, Dawn also attended STOTT PILATES™ in 2008 to add to her education with Pilates training.  She has continuously added to her education, taking courses in soft tissue release, craniosacral therapy as well as muscle energy and functional muscle testing.

Dawn started dancing at the age of 4 and only stopped competing when she was 21, where she was first exposed to Pilates.  She immediately loved the way Pilates focuses on your primary and secondary core muscles which allowed her to strengthen her own spinal and pelvic stability.  Over the years of doing Pilates herself, Dawn felt stronger and was able to maintain her flexibility even after no longer studying ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance disciplines.

For many years Dawn has worked actively with athletes in Rugby Canada, the Oakville Crusaders, Junior A Hockey  and Junior A Lacrosse players as well as both the National Ballet and Cirque du Soleil.  She spent the last 2 years at Queen's University working with their varsity athletes.

When working with Dawn, not only will you get an instructor with great knowledge and experience but also someone who is passionate about bringing you an inspiring workout.  Dawn brings her love of Pilates and fitness to every session she teaches.


Elyse Koshowski began her Pilates journey as a teenager when she was recommended to take classes for help with her scoliosis. She immediately loved the way Pilates made her feel stronger, healthier and even reduced her headaches. Pilates helped Elyse to stand up straighter and feel more flexible through her spine which was affected by her scoliosis.  After being a client for about 8 years, Elyse went on to get her certification so that she could help others feel the benefits that she had begun to enjoy. Attending STOTT PILATES™ , Elyse has received multiple certifications, including her Injuries and Special Populations. She continues to get inspiration from other facets of fitness as well like spin classes and cardio kick boxing classes.

Over the years, Elyse has worked with clients of all ages and abilities, helping them to reach their full fitness potential. She has a true passion for working with clients who have special needs and injuries including her clients with MS, scoliosis, hip and knee replacements. Working with Elyse you will learn better body awareness, improve your alignment, increase your strength and flexibility while learning about your body and what your individual goals should be.

Elyse is a truly caring instructor who brings a positive energy to all her classes plus an impressive amount of knowledge and passion for what she does.


Noha Hassan has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years, she started Pilates in 2002 after being in a car accident.  Noha fell in love with the method and how it made her body feel.  After teaching spin and fitness classes she added to her certifications by becoming STOTT PILATES™ certified.  Having been certified for many years, Noha has had the opportunity to work with many different clients and different age groups as well as competitive dancers and swimmers.  She has helped clients who have disk issues, hip and shoulder issues, scoliosis and multiple other injuries.

When working with her clients, Noha strives to pass on her passion for Pilates to her clients by challenging their muscles and stimulating their brains with workouts that are reflective of her client's individual needs.  Noha has always loved the length and energy she personally feels after her own workouts so the importance of passing those same feelings to her clients has always been a priority.

Noha is a compassionate instructor and brings an intelligent, thoughtful workout to her clients. She is respectful of her clients' goals as well as limitations to provide a well rounded and enjoyable session.  Noha is also multilingual, able to teach in English, French and Arabic.


Ashley McIntosh began her curiosity of movement 10 years ago with her New Year's resolution to start living a more health conscious life.  Using different websites, Ashley was learning a lot about movement and fitness, absorbing all information she could find!  It was with this growing passion that she decided to enroll in a Physiotherapy assistant program and successfully completed her education, receiving her diploma in 2012.  It was when Ashley started working in her first Physiotherapy clinic that she was exposed to Pilates.  She instantly loved it!  Pilates helped Ashley connect to her own body and corrected her imbalances while toning her body.

Practicing both Pilates and Yoga while working in various Physiotherapy settings helped Ashley develop the strong anatomy and physiology background she utilizes today when teaching her clients.  Ashley added to her diploma by becoming both STOTT PILATES™ certified and receiving certification in Yoga instruction.  It's with her vast knowledge plus her passion for Pilates that Ashley is able to provide knowledgeable instruction, proper cues, corrections and modifications for her clients.  She has a great appreciation for being a part of her client's fitness and wellness journey.

Ashley has worked with clients of all ages from teenagers through to seniors.  She also has experience with athletes, dancers and clients using Pilates to improve their golf game.  Ashley works hard to ensure her clients leave invigorated, feeling taller, leaner and that they have achieved their fitness goals.  Her love for the way Pilates makes her own body feel and her extensive knowledge comes through Ashley's teaching making her classes a great experience for all!


Zhanna Strilets is a certified Stott Pilates TM instructor who found Pilates after having her first child.  Hoping to use Pilates to get back into pre baby shape she realized it was so much more than that.  Zhanna practiced Pilates for a number of years, experiencing it as a client before deciding to become an instructor.  She wanted to share her experience and passion for movement with clients.  Zhanna has great enthusiasm for creating mind and body connections and desire for well being for others which she brings to her sessions each and every time.  Whether it’s a client’s first time trying Pilates or if they have done a thousand classes before, Zhanna has a knack for knowing exactly how hard to push her clients to achieve their goals while being mindful of their injuries and apprehensions.  Her truly caring spirit and vast knowledge are an excellent combination.

Over her career Zhanna has worked with clients with disc injuries and degeneration, shoulder, knee and hip issues.  She also has a fitness background, teaching both spin classes and Mommy and Baby stroller fit classes.  Zhanna’s fascination with how functional Pilates movements are and her own personal results from Pilates make her an amazing instructor.  She’s a well rounded, empathetic and kind instructor who will be able to take you to the peak of your own personal goals.


Sandi McLay graduated from McMaster University in 2013 where she successfully participated in school and nation wide marketing competitions, obtaining marketing internships in large CPG and Retail companies. After graduating, Sandi set out into the corporate world to learn the skills and knowledge to excel in the marketing and sales world.  It is this experience that makes Sandi so successful as the Business Development Director at A Lyrical Body.

But Sandi's thirst for knowledge didn't stop there.  As a runner, she was determined to challenge her fitness in all aspects to make her a better runner but it wasn't until she experienced a knee injury where she discovered her passion for Pilates. Here she learned the benefits of Pilates such as improved core strength and flexibility, increase in balance and overall better posture. Her knee no longer got in the way of doing the exercises she loved all due to the benefits of Pilates.  Sandi was bitten by the Pilates bug and knew she wanted more from the Pilates world than just taking classes.  It was then, in 2016, Sandi decided to dedicate her career to Pilates, bringing her knowledge and passion into her sessions as an instructor.

Sandi brings much experience to her work having instructed in both a prestigious Toronto fitness club, heading up their Yoga and Pilates department as well as at a Physiotherapy clinic.  With this exposure to athletes, rehabilitative needs and a clientele of varying ages, Sandi has developed a talent for thoughtfully programming for a variety of conditions. Sandi loves to make sure that her clients feel comfortable and look forward to their next sessions with her. She always brings enthusiasm, positive energy and mindfulness in her practice.