Most of us and especially athletes carry a little chronic pain around. All those years of pounding the pavement, swinging the club, not addressing minor injuries, or just plain bad posture, can create a domino effect in the body. This means that you may have lower back stiffness that years later can spiral into neck pain, or limited range of motion in your shoulders. So, you figure you just have to live with it, right?

Wrong! ELDOATM can improve chronic aches, pains and discomfort. ELDOATM will teach you how your body is designed to move in the most efficient ways, using the least amount energy by using the structure of your joints and bones. It will provide you with the tools you need to create more ease within the body based on where you are in the moment. Finding this ease in your physical body will allow you to find it in the mind and really tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. Manipulating the physiology transformers the psychology.

A former master teacher in dance who had fairly severe neck problems and x-rays that showed significant disk degeneration was prescribed ELDOATM exercises by her Osteopath. After her second ELDOATM session with her certified practitioner, there was a noticeable difference in her spinal discs. So, increase space, decrease pain.

ELDOATM sets up the framework and boundaries for the organs and glands to function properly. Organs don’t function properly when they are disorganized as they use pumps, levers, and valves to move debris and fluids through. For example, there are direct connections from T11 to the esophagus and cardiac sphincter, and from T12 to the aortic hiatus of the diaphragm, cisterna chyli, kidneys, and adrenals. This has direct implications for the organic and hormonal functions of the body. The spaciousness you find with ELDOATM creates the space needed for the organs to perform their job with the least amount of stress and energetic output. You are basically actively participating in manipulating the internal alchemy of your body to achieve incredible health and well-being.

Chronic pain is often associated with weaknesses in the body. Our natural tendency is to protect an injury, but that can make it weaker, compounding the problem. You have to work out intelligently and that’s what ELDOATM is. For those with chronic disease and chronic pain requiring professional treatment, physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathic treatments (just to name a few) is always the first and best course of action. However, anyone, no matter what their injury, can do ELDOATM and benefit.

Most chronic weaknesses and pain that people suffer with come from postural deviation in their body and that’s what ELDOATM corrects. When you work with a certified ELDOATM practitioner, they will be able to identify your weaknesses and areas in your body that need improving, rather than simply teaching the postures. Staying committed to your ELDOATM postures gives you a long-term connection to your spine and joints giving you a long-term correction to the problem. Use ELDOATM to understand the functioning of your body and alleviate pain.

-Ashley Frejilich

ALB Sept 2020 Colour-55