Online Classes

While chatting with Victoria Volk about A Lyrical Body Pilates Studio I asked her about the online classes.

Q. When lockdown and covid hit, a lot of fitness companies closed down completely, but ALB started Online Classes for all clients. What was the motivation for doing this?

Vikki – Well, desperation is the mother of invention as they say! When I realised that we weren’t going to be closed for just 2 weeks, I needed to do something. I love what I do and thought about how we could deliver a session as close to in studio as possible. All of our clients need some help with injuries, or incorrect biomechanics that need work, even our iron man competitors that come to the studio! We can’t get exactly the same results as in studio, but we come as close as possible.

Q. What makes the online classes at ALB different from other online workouts?

Vikki – We teach online as we do in studio. Our clients are not trying to follow what we are doing, we are speaking with them throughout. The instructors have a good view of everyone and we give a lot of attention and cues during the whole class to make it personal. We are not demonstrating, we are teaching. If someone is confused we can demonstrate, of course.

Q. What equipment do I need at home to do online classes?

Vikki – Nothing at all! If you have a mat, that is great, but you don’t need a thing. During lockdown it was impossible to order any Pilates equipment so we got creative. The instructors would suggest using soup cans for weights, throw pillows or mops and brooms for “equipment”. To keep classes as interesting as possible, we all thought outside the box. There are tons of exercises that we can all do at home, and even if you don’t have much space available, we teach to the space we see you have around you. Everyone is muted at during the class so if you have to leave early or have noise in your house, that is not a problem and doesn’t inconvenience anyone else in a group class.

Q. I remember years ago, you told me you used to practice your imprint while standing at work. Was that the predecessor to online classes?

Vikki – I did do that! My lower back is too arched, to reduce the lower back pain I practiced imprint to return my back to neutral alignment. It is quite easy while standing and is a small range of motion, so no one sees! Other people need different exercises for their posture and we are always happy to give our clients “homework”! One of my favorites is the Tooth brush exercise. While brushing first thing in the morning, stand on your weaker foot only, as you are stronger in the morning. Then at night, stand only on your stronger foot. Pretty soon your balance will have improved and you can add in some calf raises or free leg movement. Check with your instructor.

Q. We have opened up a lot recently, have online classes stopped?

Vikki – Not at all, they are still extremely popular. Lots of our clients have been surprised how well they can be taught online. For those clients who aren’t comfortable coming in or want the convenience of working out at home, it is perfect. As we all get busier this month, something often has to give, and with online classes, that something doesn’t have to be your Pilates. We will have online classes throughout the Christmas period, morning and evening.