Summer is coming!

Each winter, my favorite thing is to snuggle under a blanket with a good book, a mug of Earl Grey Tea, and either a bar of chocolate, chocolate cookies or a slice of chocolate cake! Why do I love chocolate so much? Well, I grew up in England and if there is one thing we English like, second only to Tea of course, it’s chocolate! No problem while I was young, slim and oh, so active! Since hitting my 50’s, quite some time ago now, I have found it harder and harder to stay in shape and lose weight. The whole process is not helped by my arthritic knees and old injuries in my spine and ankle. In the interests of honesty, let’s not forget my love of chocolate!

So, you may be able to see my problem this spring! I will need some serious help to be ready for summer. My sweet grandchildren, Grayson and Rachel, who so many of you know, are always happy to come to Niagara on the Lake to stay with Nanna and swim in her tiny pool. So Nanna needs to get swimsuit ready!

The best approach to help lose weight, alongside a great, healthy diet, is of course, exercise. Happily for us all, A Lyrical Body is not far away, and with it the myriad variety of ways for getting fit, healthy and staying in shape. Over the past few months I spoke with some of the instructors at ALB about all those options.

So, for me to achieve my goals, while taking injuries and arthritis into consideration, I decided to look at all the available opportunities at ALB. As we discussed with Kelly in November, Hand On Physio is a huge help for mobilization and muscle flexibility. Hands On can work with your Pilates classes for a complete package. No time to come to the studio? That’s also okay, as Vikki explained in December; the wonderful instructors at ALB all know how to give you a complete workout in your home. January was Zhanna’s turn to explain all about FST, which can help get the body in better shape, which prepares your body and allows you to gain more benefit from your classes. Becky in February showed us all how cardio can be a total workout. That would include Jump, Bootcamp and Barre class. Even with all my physical problems, there are plenty of options there for a great workout. Finally, last month Ashley got me all fired up about ELDOA TM in the last blog.

I guess the next thing for me to decide is what combination of classes will get me to my summer body goal? Perhaps I should also leave the chocolate in the cupboard for a while to give myself a fighting chance, but where’s the fun in that?!