It’s a New Year, it’s a New Decade

So many of us use the rolling over of a new year to create “resolutions’, promises to ourselves about how much better we will be, how we will change ourselves to become some improved version of what we were the year before. To me, this is like saying there was something wrong with us the year before, something that can be changed just by flipping the calendar and making a solemn promise. Instead of making a resolution, I challenge you to make goals. Instead of looking at what was wrong with us last year, look at what we can achieve in the new year. How can we learn from our past, learn from the last 365 days to make the next 365 more enjoyable, more productive, and definitely happier.

Fitness health isn’t just about lifting more weights, running further and faster, holding that plank for longer. It should be about creating better wellness for your body and your mind. Whether it be doing a Pilates class, going for a walk, stretching for 10 minutes a day- it is just as much about taking the time for yourself to do these things as it is about what you’re actually doing. So as you enter this new decade, this new year, take some time to breath, to do your workout with the intention of treating your body as well as your mind to something that is just about you, just about making you a healthier and happier person from the inside and out.